T977 - The Ultimate XP Turbo


In fall of 2018, RMG set out to build the ultimate XP Turbo race car. RMG hired Eddie Frisk to design and build the car. Being a great fabricator, an awesome designer, and a competitive racer, Eddie knew right away nothing would be left stock unless the rules said it had to be. Eddie decided the wheelbase of the 4 seat chassis would give them the stability they needed to charge through the whoops so a 2018 Polaris RZR XP Turbo 4 seater was acquired and the disassembly started. Everything was removed and the chassis was stripped down to the bare minimum. All that remained of the stock car was the two center frame rails and the suspension pivots. Everything from here on out would be designed and built from scratch. Eddie did everything possible to lower the center of gravity to make the car handle better. The suspension and shock geometry were also re-engineered to maximize the effectiveness of the King shocks. The car was completed in the fall of 2020 and has proven to be everything that they were hoping for. Low, fast, and fun to drive! 

The car was raced in the BITD series with its last race being the 2021 Vegas To Reno where it qualified 8th and ran in the top ten for the first part of the race until a CV boot and alternator belt caused a longer than planned pit stop. Once those problems arose the team decided to take it easy and secure the finish. The team was excited that the car showed its speed and capability to compete in the class and is looking forward to more racing in the 2022 season!