1977 - The Beginning

This is the car that started it all for RMG. It was first raced by the team under the 1906 number in the 2018 BITD Series. Halfway through the season RMG was born and they decided to race it full time for the 2019 season. The car was originally built by Cognito Motorsports but it had quite a few seasons under its belt and was in need of a full rebuild. So the team tore the car down to the frame and started the rebuild. Eddie Frisk fabricated new front and rear bumpers, a new spare tire carrier, new rear suspension, new body panels, and a new dash board. Longtime friend, experienced off road racer, and electrical expert Dave "Ramo" Ramocinski re-wired the entire car. The car was then tested and final prepped to debut under its new colors and number (1977) at the 2019 BITD Parker 250. RMG has prepped and raced this car for the last three years and it will always be known as the car that started it all for RMG.

2018 Parker 250

2019 Parker 250

2020 Parker 250

2021 Parker 250